About Us

COMMNETE is driven by the Vision of empowering communities for uncompromised living.

We at COMMNETE, are motivated to :

  • Provide value to our customers &
  • Promote togetherness and enthusiasm within communities to augment social values and entrepreneurial spirit!

To fulfil this vision, COMMNETE has devised a comprehensive set of solution comprising of Software, Technology driven solutions and a Complete package of services – ranging from Accounting, Society Management, Security, Legal, Complete consulting for redevelopment and more…

Our mascot

Our mascot Genie symbolizes this versatility and power of our solutions and services, and our desire to treat your request as a command or “Hukam”!

We believe

We strive for increasing productivity, efficiency, transparency and trust – the fundamental principles of a happy community living!

Our Expertise

Our solutions and services are envisioned by subject matter experts, and crafted by technology experts considering all key factors involved in Society Management.

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Our experts will resolve all your queries.

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