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Productivity x Effective communication x Collaboration = Commnete TreasureBook.

EFFICIENT, TRANSPARENT AND HIGHLY RESPONSIVE – that's what TreasureBook have made society management. And not just that, it makes Society Management trustworthy and compliant too to give you the best of both worlds. No more attempting to balance personal and professional life. Managing the society is now a cake walk! Social Media like features makes the neighbourhood more like brotherhood! The end result for the users is promotion of an ecosystem of operations avec excellence. Commnete TreasureBook helps individuals perform like a team. All the magic potions of community life into one bottle – TreasureBook!

  • User friendly bill setup with all permutation and combination
  • Automated billing for required frequency with or with GST
  • Automated Interest calculation as per selected pattern
  • Import Facility via excel for receipts
  • Automated Posting in all respective ledgers on bill generation
  • Facility to send E-Bills and E-receipts via Email, Notification
  • Payment reminders on due date to members via Email, Notification, sms
  • Automated payment reminders/ alerts/ notifications to maximise payments within due date
  • Instant receipts for payment through payment gateway
  • Post-dated Cheques tracking with reminders to deposit
  • Member-wise Bill & Receipt Register
  • Defaulter List
  • Age-wise report on outstanding amount
  • Historical Billing setup report
  • GST/ Income Tax/ TDS detailed report
  • Creditors age-wise report
  • Cost Centre wise expenses report
  • Bank Reconciliation, Reconciled and Unreconciled statement
  • Matured/Renewed/Invested reports on Fixed deposits of Investment and many more..
  • Flexible data entry process to suit different types of users- Accountants, Managers, Members.
  • User friendly interface and smart bulk upload ensures data integrity and consistency.
  • Simplified implementation process for setup and masters using interactive and bulk data upload (through excel)
  • GST reports useful in computation of GST, understanding input credit & filing of returns.
  • Commnete supports cost centre wise accounting for finer analysis and control over expenses, understanding periodic changes/trends and establish Transparency
  • Fixed deposit management with accrued interest calculations
  • Notifications/ Alerts/ Reminders on maturity of Fixed deposits for information and action to maximize returns
  • Reports designed to support quick analysis and decision making in major situations.
  • Easily understandable and conveniently accessible
  • Multiple Secured Payment options
  • Quick bank settlements
  • Meeting Schedules with Agenda, Smart Filters to select invitees, Invitation acceptance, Reminders
  • Preparation of structured minutes of meeting, approval, publishing
  • Ability to create and assign tasks while reviewing minutes
  • Ability to track discussions on a topic across meetings
  • Feedback/Suggestions/Review comments on minutes
  • Comprehensive Details and documents related to property
  • Nomination details
  • Details related to Members, Tenants and their families
  • Historical data
  • Transfer records
  • Form I, J, share register and other statutory documents
  • Parking allotment
  • Committees formed
  • Assets, their maintenance records and contracts
  • Repository of all contracts with versioning
  • Historical data of all vendors
  • Reminders and Alerts of Contract expiry, renewal and services due
  • Content preparation, approval, publishing
  • Smart selection of invitees
  • Pre-set start and end time - each can be revised
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Supports open or secret modes
  • Monitoring statistics for voting for in-progress surveys and polls
  • Reviewing and publishing results
  • Members can raise complaints, give suggestions and feedback.
  • Automated alerts, reminders, escalations; tracking and follow-ups by members help accelerate resolution of complaints in minimal possible time.
  • Complete tracking of Visitors, Society and Personal Staff - along with materials and their vehicles
  • Security incidence reporting
  • Emergency management And a pool of other features.
  • Language barrier can have a negative impact on society functioning. Commnete makes availabe, various reports and society matters in MULTIPLE LANGUAGEs for easy understading and thereby building trust among users.

1 There are various reasons why we require members to communicate with each other :

  1. Transmitting data.
  2. Fetching billing, payment information from partner utility/service providers.
  3. Sharing information received from other sources e.g. Govt Authorities.
  4. Emergency announcements.
  5. Initiating requests.
  6. Assigning tasks.
  7. Forwarding requests to the next person in the workflow
  8. Understanding current status
  9. Improving decision making through insightful dashboards which we prefer to call Treasureboards
  10. Accelerating actions through To-Do lists, timely reminders and escalations
  11. Holding e-meetings
  12. Conversation with experts to build knowledge and expertise
  13. Requesting people to select their choices
  14. Sharing reports and minutes of meetings
  15. Inviting people for festivities, events
  16. Or simply sharing your joys and sorrows with people around you

2 Communication can take place for a variety of functions:

  • Society, Property Information Management
  • Transfers
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Financial and statutory reports
  • Facility booking
  • Polling, Surveys
  • Events
  • Billing and Payments
  • Special Requests
  • Security (Guests, Staff, Materials, Parking) & emergency management
  • Contracts Management
  • Maintenance Issues, Complaints
  • Vendor management

Convenient interfaces at all the right places to send communication to audience that can be selected by smart filters

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